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Post by pasayten » is managed by Carlos1800 Mexican Restaurants as a public service at no cost.
As host of the bulletin board only authorized staff of “Things for others” has the right to remove posts. We might do so based on some but not limited to, these reasons:

*Posters must include their real names on "I Need or I have"

1.- Posts that include inappropriate language or images of a slanderous, evil, mean or rude in nature.

2.-Spammers, commercial posts or solicitation will not be allowed.

3.- This bulletin board is a driving tool specifically for people in need or those who are wanting to help others. Please no soliciting Misleading, unsolicited, and/or unlawful postings/communications/accounts are prohibited, as is the handling of illegal or unauthorized foods or items.

4.- You agree not to post content that is prohibited in nature.

5.- The advertising of events of any nature are prohibited.

6.- No outside vendors, agencies, companies, or organizations of any sort may post on bulletin board.

7.- Based upon suspicion

8.- Under authorized staffs’ discretion

9.- Authorized Staff reserve the right to dispose of any post they deem is unauthorized or uncivil in nature

Other stuff

Bulletin Posts will automatically be removed if:

-Posting on behalf of a company will "be allow just for the purpose of giving to others", but not for advertising purpose, soliciting a sell, or promoting of any such sort.

- Washington State Law does not authorize the sell, donation, gifting, soliciting, or transfer of firearms of any kind.

-Any of the things listed above

- Advertising of illegal drugs, products such as alcohol or other substances are not allowed and will not be approved Any and All posts are therefore subject to the following rules without exception or hesitation: Must be recognizable and therefore include legal full name of the individual posting and other information needed and or asked for Offsite links or attachments are not allowed and will be removed Will be posted on a first come first served basis

Collection of Information: As part of your use of service, we may ask you to provide information directly to us and essentially to the bulletin board. For example when you are in need and must enter your information in-order to fulfill your service or that of others, or when asked to submit your feedback about our site, by way of surveys, testimonials, ratings and or reviews. When you post on our platform, we collect information that identifies you personally (whether alone or in combination), such as your name, email address. Personal Information, but you are solely responsible for your own Personal Information in instances where we have not requested that you submit such information to us.
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