OCEC high speed fibre optics

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Re: OCEC high speed fibre optics

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Of course Twisp River is not in the area. I know it will come someday up here. The cables are all hung on the electric poles with care.
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OCEC high speed fibre optics

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June's newsletter from MethowNet lays out the $12 million grant for the Methow Valley that will allow high speed internet to be installed. Projected completion will be 2025 and the Coop is looking to break ground on this within weeks.


Sign up: Visit https://okanogancountyconnect.com/FiberMap.html and enter your address.
2. If your address shows correctly on the map, please select Yes. If not, please select No.
3. The next screen requests your contact information. This enters your information into a database of
customers who want a fiber connection.
We will contact you once once the terms of monthly service have been established and provide installation
information when work is scheduled in your area.
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