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Keys Found

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This is a long shot but I found a set of keys above Cougar Lk. Monday, 31st. It was on road # 200 that is past the Cougar Lk, turn-off, maybe a mile on up.
The keys look like they are for padlocks and 2 say Smart Tow, which looks like it might be for some kind of tow bar. There are 10 keys with a bright blue bottle opener (nice) and a rubber key fob that says and then Rocky on another side.
Also there is a tag that says Skagit River with a blue N between Skagit and River. Blue N's on some of the other keys.
Probably a hunter from the West side. But if anyone here has a friend that lost some keys and they are from over there, I've got them.
Please leave a msg. at 509-997-2289. Phones unavailable from 4-5 pm each day.
I also found a penny but am not givng that up.
Pearl Cherrington
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