Stuff that kind of bugs me...

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Re: Stuff that kind of bugs me...

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Some people may be done with Covid but it's not done with us. By a long shot. The new variant revving its engines is blows right past the antibody treatments and is vaccine resistant. ... JbHorcPzqo

I have read way too many books and indepth articles on how we got here, they're still hitting the shelves daily. You might be interested in Alice Hill's The Fight For Climate afte Covid 19. Also David Quammen has a new one out that looks pretty comprehensive (which is what he does exceptionally well).
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Stuff that kind of bugs me...

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It is interesting to hear that "COVID is over" at the same time there are still over 400 deaths per day in the United States. For perspective, there are now approximately the same number of people dying from COVID per month in the United States as die per year from HIV/AIDS. And people used to be pretty freaked out about HIV/AIDS.

It seems that one thing we should have learned from this pandemic is that underinvesting in public health for fifty years was going to have a substantial cost. Yet there seems to be no evidence at any level of government that we are willing to invest more in public health.

I'm extremely disappointed that at both the state and federal level nobody has been willing to do any kind of report about (1) what went right, (2) what went wrong, and (3) what we should do differently for next time. I think there are plenty of credible people who could help write that report. I also think that we dare not assume that the next time a novel disease goes the distance, it will have a 1 percent fatality rate. For as bad as this was, we were very lucky.

At the same time COVID has taken whole years off of our life expectancy.
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