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by joseysranch
Thu Dec 16, 2021 8:23 pm
Forum: General
Topic: Santarantula!!!
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Re: Santarantula!!!

Gary Larson! The far side. What an awesome comic.

by joseysranch
Mon Dec 13, 2021 12:59 pm
Forum: Winter Activities
Topic: Snow report for wolf creek
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Re: snow report for wolf creek

finally feels like winter!

by joseysranch
Mon Dec 13, 2021 12:54 pm
Forum: General
Topic: Kicked Off the Methownet BB
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Re: Kicked Off the Methownet BB

I think MethowNet are sticking to their metaphor of the traditional "bulletin board." Where posting for-sales, wanteds, losts, and announcements is expected... and where pinning up an essay about the merits of the democratic party, vaccine efficacy, and housing solution debates would be an...
by joseysranch
Mon Dec 13, 2021 12:34 pm
Forum: General
Topic: paypal account hacked
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Re: paypal account hacked

If I may, Alf: I wouldn't necessarily call this a "hack", per se. Odds are it was not a PayPal vulnerability that enabled the actor to spend your money, but rather a vulnerability in how you've configured your identity with paypal. you have a couple of options to firm this up: set up multi...
by joseysranch
Sun Aug 01, 2021 9:16 am
Forum: 2021 Fire Season
Topic: Cedar Creek/Delancy/Cub Creek Fires
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Re: Cedar Creek/Delancy/Cub Creek Fires

Indeed thank you very much. Can you share where you're sourcing the infrared kmls? thanks again Answer from Pasayten... NFIC fire perimeter data source... Methods include infrared and satellite sensor interpretation...